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Fatal Affair by Marie Force
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Jul 17, 2014

really liked it
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Read in January, 2012

4 stars

I debated for a long time how to rate this, and it took even longer to write this review(which itself is longer than planned, lol). I hope you find it helpful.

The Mystery

Senator John O'Connor was found murdered in his bed on the morning of the most important vote of his career. The nature of the crime made it feel very personal, but can the timing be a coincidence? Slowly, as the book develops, we find out The Senator had many, many secrets and that there were a lot of people who had a reason to find him dead. I can honestly say this book contains one of the best, most complex mysteries I've seen in Romantic Suspense books. It's interesting, unusual, and it's methodically and gradually solved. There is no easy, obvious answer and each step of the investigation is explained and reasonable. I really enjoyed following the steps of the case and I was surprised and sad at the ending.

The Heroine

Sergent Sam Hollard has had a lot of problems lately, including a catastrophic incident, triggered by her decision, which resulted into a child's death. Now she needs to redeem herself and this high profile case is her ticket back. Sam is a damn good cop. She is smart, stubborn, proud and has good instincts. I found it interesting and admirable she had dyslexia and fought it. She's also had a bad experience with a man and she's not sure she'll be able to have a relationship with a man. Her job presents a big obstacle and you know the saying.Once burned...

The Hero

Nick Cappuano was John's best friend-and his chief of staff. He had been "The man behind The Man" half his life and he was good at it. Now he has lost his BFF, his position and he has been seriously rattled by seeing Sam again. In the same way I found Sam's dyslexia interesting, I liked his anal tendencies. The constant reshuffling and meticulous cleaning was very sweet.

The Romance

Now this is the area I had most problems with. The story goes like this. Sam and Nick met once years earlier and had a one night stand. Then afterwards there was a mix up, and they never got to take their relationship further. Later they often allude to that night and the years they could've had. Now, that's the thing I don't like with reunion stories, the What Could Have Been. So let's recap. That night, they met and had an incredible connection, that was close to love, had sex and lost each other. Hmmm. I felt in that case we should've seen something of that encounter, or it could've been explained to us, through a dialogue , since it was that important and that magical, since it was obviously love at first sight. Maybe as a Prologue. Moving on.
Since Nick is a witness, their relationship is a big *No-No* and Sam is determined to follow the rules. Or not? I felt there were a lot of mixed signals on her side, saying "it's impossible", then kissing him,, etc. It's either that or he was too pushy and he didn't listen to her. Either way, it's not good. Once that passed, it was better. There were a few outbursts on their part, but they always owned up to it when it happened. I loved the banter and the humour that was present between them.

The side characters

I thought it was important to mention them, since every single person that showed up in this book, whether a suspect, or a family member or a cop was amazingly written, with all their quirks. The most notable ones are:
1. Freddie, Sam's partner, whom I loved. He's very original and sweet. He eats a lot of fast food, he's religious, innocent despite his job. Really a great addition.
2. Sam's dad, who used to be a cop, but was involved in a shooting recently, making him paralyzed. Seeing him deal with his condition, his daughter and his fiancee was fascinating.
3. John's family. Most of whom were suspects, but you could really see and understand them, at the end.

Some pet peeves

There were some thing that I felt were unexplained at the end. What happened with the will? What was the occasional pain Sam keeps experiencing? And...What happened with Freddie at the ending and (view spoiler)
Still, I suppose some of that will be answered in the later books and I'm really looking forward to reading them. I just hope Freddie gets his own book, eventually.
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