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Empire by Orson Scott Card
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Dec 30, 2011

liked it
bookshelves: fiction, sci-fi
Read in October, 2011

I totally enjoyed Empire. I thought it was engaging and entertaining. I thought the premise was just as good, if not better, than Clancy-like situations. I liked the characters. I liked the action.

The political overtones, made explicit in the afterward, sat just fine with me, with its criticism of fanaticism on both sides. I thought that the sparkle of plausibility was there, and the sci-fi twists were no problem to integrate.

I really liked Malich and Cole. The whole "intelligent special ops guy" thing always works for me - maybe my favorite sort of action hero. We saw a (sort of ) similar character in Shaftoe in Cryptonomicon. The guys who can think about the future, consequences, strategy and leadership, and can also fire a machine gun. Their intellegence and craft expertise were both believable, and the arguments and action sequences bore that out. I totally didn't see it coming when we went from speculating about a terrorist plot to being in the middle of it (in the park at the beginning), and I totally didn't see it when Mal was killed. I also liked Torrent/Augustus. Good stuff all around. Heck, even the President (I forget his name) was pretty fun, and I liked his Coolidge-ness - care-taker president and all. Fun.

I've never read Card, but this makes me want to check out more.

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