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Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Dec 30, 2011

did not like it
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Uh... I really am lost for words. Let me just qualify that I haven't finished, nor do intend to finish this book. It was seriously one of THE worst books I've ever picked up off a shelf. I don't know why LKH is still in print - even her editor must've had the sense to leave after around book 9 (I mean, c'mon, people. Typos!).
I skipped the whole dance recital part since most reviews said it was pointless, and then I flicked to the part where Asher is going off on one. She has RUINED my favourite character. Ruined! He got all angry for no apparent reason - his time of the month, maybe? ;) - and then the whole argument (pages and pages and pages of it) was resolved with, you guessed it, some group sex.
I missed out a hell of a lot of pages and skim read a page about halfway through. Again, just another pointless conversation with a lot of 'I don't understand' and 'What does that have to do with anything' and 'Why's from Anita (even a frickin' monkey can understand what little plot is present in these books, LKH, no need to elaborate). She's meant to be all-powerful. I'm CERTAIN she didn't used to be this stupid when she lived on her own in an apartment without being surrounded by men.
In short, please don't ever read this book. I didn't. It's awful. The parts I bothered to read over were awful, and I assume the bits I didn't were too.

And Haven dies. I'd forgotten he existed until it stated (over and over) that he was a were-lion, so let's just say I wasn't too bothered. Haven! Seriously!

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Brandi I've actually heard that LKH demanded a no-editor clause in her contract with Penquin. I can't believe Penguin allowed that. I'll be curious to see if they continue doing business with her once the contract expires, or if they demand a squad of editors from here on out.

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