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The Lying Game by Sara Shepard
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Dec 29, 2011

it was amazing
Read on January 18, 2012

The fact that my library does not own the rest of these series is what is currently annoying me because that is just how addicted I have come to be just from reading the book. The whole concept and idea of the novel itself was a little different to anything else that I have read. It wasn't fantasy based at all which is my usual genre of book, but it was mysterious adn edgy with this need to touch on a topic which could and may be considered as taboo by many. I loved the whole idea that the twins are identical and yet that they have never met. It is an idea that has been introduced in many many stories before, but the way this one was presented was well done. I was angry with the family that looked after Emma, because in my studies of social work I know that that is not what would of happened. There would have been an issue with that whole situation and I hated the fact that the guy just seemed to get of the hook because Emma had run of to find her sister. However, you find your frustration and annoyance about this matter leaving you as you find this need to know what exactly happened to Sutton after all.

It is evident that although the twins are identical in looks they are not identical in personality. Where one is sweet, caring and considerate. The other is a bitch who wants everything their way and clearly has no respect for others as long as their the queen bee. It just shows you how two can be very much alike and yet how they can be completely different at the same time. It does make you wonder therefore, was there a real purpose to Sutton being killed. Had she taken somethingt too far that meant others wnated to seek their revenge out on her, and if this is the case, what exactly did she do? Your mind wanders as you read the story, wondering how it is that Emma feels as she tries to live her sisters life, a life she doesnt have a clue about because she has never met the sister. You can only imagine how difficult and complex that must be, how she must feel out of her comfort zone because she has to act like a person that she reall is not. The book just captures your whole imagiantion and heart from that. you find yourself sympathizing for her. Yet at the same time you can't help but think "Bitch" about sutton because from all you read, she clearly wasn't the nicest person to be around.

I did kind of fall in love with Ethan in the book. After all how many guys do you actually meet out their who happen to love watching and gazing at the stars. But towards the end of the book my alarm bells were ringing making me wonder and ponder as to whether he was in to the plot of Suttons murder. So many victims seem to be uncovered here, but so many possibilities for the criminal are too uncovered. In fact I think that the way the book was ended because it meant your suspicion level was so high that you had this need to read on. You just have to find out and discover the truth otherwise you will tear yourself apart with all this doubt and series of questions. so of course, I am sure that many of you can now understand my annoyance with my local library... how dare they not have the whole series in!!!

Overall, the book was well written it was simplistic but not so simplistic that you felt like you were reading a book meant for the younger generation. the author seems to have her own uniqe writing style and I just get the overall feeling that this is one of those books that are likely to appeal to all sorts of ages, whether they be ten years old, or eighty years old. There just seems to be that element of something for everyone here. I just hope the library indulges in the rest of the series soon!!! that or I win the lottery
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