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The Dark Foundations by Chris Walley
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Dec 29, 2011

really liked it

I liked The Dark Foundations better than The Power of Night. I have found with this series that in each book I am pretty bored at the beginning, but then they really pick up about half way through and then I can't put them down. I am enjoying following the character's stories.

I struggle with the theology of the books at times because making perfect people seems forced and unrealistic, thus, I still find it hard to identify with the characters. It also seems that the author places heavy blame for sin on external forces. These people would be great if evil hadn't come back, but sin isn't external, it is internal. The author at times doesn't seem to agree with himself, arguing for an external influence and internal guilt. Maybe it would be better if he made clear external TEMPTATION and internal sin.

Merral is my favorite character and the main character. He's entirely likable and I always root for him. But I also find him very naive and obtuse. There are things he should figure out quickly and he doesn't. It annoys me how many times the reader can see something coming a mile away before the characters and then it is thrown out like, "Oh, you didn't know this was going to happen," but I did. Still, I am enjoying the books and will read the last one. I haven't regretted reading them.
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