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Sex on the Moon by Ben Mezrich
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Dec 29, 2011

it was ok

I received this book as part of LibraryThing's early review program.

It's taken me this long to write the review because it took me this long to plow my way through the book. There was absolutely nothing really enjoyable at all about it for me. First of all is the title. I mean seriously, this is supposed to be the most audacious heist in history? I mean if he was writing about the theft of the Mona Lisa then sure. But this? Not hardly.

And then we move onto the hero/criminal of the story, Thad Roberts. I think that we're supposed to be able to relate to him, to see him as just a misunderstood guy who comes from a less than normal background. But instead he comes across as a completely unlikable person that is so obsessed with making his mark on history that he does anything to get there, including some dangerous events. He's boorish, crude, ill mannered, and a complete ass. If this how he behaved in real life I'd have walked away from him after two minutes. In the book he seemingly has no redeeming qualities at all, even when he agrees to take the blame for his two helpers. He seemingly does it, not to spare them of having to serve jail time, but so that he can continue having a girl friend.

And then the writing. When I read a book that's talking about a true life event, such as this one, I want to hear the different characters voices. I want to know that its them talking to me and that I get a sense of what they really felt and who they are. Instead, all I hear is the voice of Thad/Ben whining about how no one understands him, no one likes him, his wife doesn't really understand him, and how great/intelligent he is. It feels like we're listening to a movie and Thad/Ben have dubbed their voices over everyone else's.

I just can't recommend this book at all and I feel like I'm being nice by giving it two stars.
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