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Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen
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Dec 29, 2011

it was amazing

I stumbled upon Married With Zombies by chance and am so glad I did! While I do like zombies (just not when their hungry for my brains), my best friend is much more of a zombie fan than myself. But after reading the description for Married With Zombies, I was very curious to begin reading. I told myself I’d read two chapters a night before bed, that quickly became 4+ on some nights. Over half of the chapters leave you wanting to know what happens next. So what’s so great about Married With Zombies you ask? Well here we go….

It’s hard to imagine a couple saying the best thing that happened to them is the zombie Apocalypse. But for Sarah and David, that’s just the case. On the brink of a divorce and the not-so-happily-married couple is in therapy trying to solve their problems when the zombie outbreak occurs.

Soon enough Sarah and David realize they are the only person each other can count on for support and survival. Together they learn the best ways to kill zombies, who to trust and more. Between loading shot gun shells and slamming into abandoned cars on the freeway the two begin to mend their failing marriage.

Life in zombie world is not easy and the two lose friends along the way. They also start to realize just how crazy the world is becoming. But Sarah and David have each other and not to mention the constant comic relief (as Sarah points out, who wouldn’t want to take out some anger on the marriage counselor who was over charging them?).

Married With Zombies is a must read for any zombie fan (whether die hard or just curious). You’ll find yourself laughing with Sarah and David one moment then anxiously flipping pages the next to see if they make it through okay. I’m currently reading the sequel, Flip This Zombie. Jesse Petersen is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. And all I can say is if a network is looking for a show to compete with The Walking Dead, Sarah and David’s story would make for a great TV show.

Book Rating: 10/10
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Jesse Petersen
“Find creative ways to have fun together. Looting is really underrated.”
Jesse Petersen, Married with Zombies

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