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Dark Thirst by Sara Reinke
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Dec 06, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: paranormalromance, dnf
Recommended to Sarai by: Shannon C.
Read in July, 2008

OMG the hero is a mute deaf and so far I am itching for him to kill someone in his family is this a good sign?
Seriously I am having issues with this book and I'm 96 pages in.
1) the heroine is African American (no issue) she is a great person except we keep getting shown she is African American over and over like we are going to be smacked with it just in case we forget.
2) the hero is white and so far the heroine doesn't care for white men. I get that her ex cheated on her with a "White trophy girl" but seriously. Then she has the whole interracial dating issues. OKay I get that this is a major thing very hard to do.
3) The hero is not only white but he's rich heroine is not. SHE MAKES ANOTHER ISSUE OF IT
4) he is from the country which of course equals dumb to heroine b/c she's from the city
5) He's also a deaf mute...
Okay so he's deaf, white, rich and in her eyes stupid. She's black, cop, smart, tough, and was too white for the black kids to black for the white kids attitude. Seriously how's this going to work.
They have so much stacked against them and then the fact that he's a vampire is about to be thrown in the mix. I think I would have liked it better if the author would've stuck with one major issue. A deaf mute relationship or an interracial relationship or a vampire human relationship b/c right now I'm annoyed and not buying it. This is my DNF for the year... Okay really the second Anita's Harquiem was the first. YUCK.
Now if someone will tell me it gets better I would be willing to push thorugh it. Any takers?
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Deva I was just laughing so hard at your review of this book. When I first read it, I thought it was decent, but my group is reading it now and I'm reading it for the second time and ALL THOSE THINGS YOU MENTIONED are driving me crazy! Ahhh!

Glad you didn't get to the third book (I read the whole series). You would want to STRANGLE Lina, she is SO annoying!

The first book, I feel like it does get better, but they are really annoying, FYI.

Sarai I just think the author tried so hard to put so many issues facing these two that it was just to much. They already had A LOT of stuff that should make enough problems for them but then to add in the other stuff HOLY CRAP.

How many are in the whole series?

message 3: by Anna (new)

Anna The hero's family was the worst. I ended up not finishing it.

Sarai Anna I just couldn't get over how they treated him. I get they thought he was a weakling or whatever but seriously come on didn't this guy have somebody? I just felt there were too many issues going on for the H/H to deal with. Focus on one my Lord not 12

Deva 3 books in the series ... Short series ... But the very last book is probably around $15-$20 AND ITS SHORT! Luckily, I borrowed from a friend. The last book actually explains why Brandon's family treats him the way that they do and there was actually, for me, closure on that issue. But overall, I won't lie, it's not worth the time.

However, if you loved Remy, the second book is dedicated to him and Tessa.

message 6: by Anna (new)

Anna Sarai, That is the main reason I stopped reading, was because of his family. They were harsh.

Deva Anna, try book 3 ... You get an explanation on that and a bit of a change of heart. That was the only thing that made me want to read the third book.

message 8: by Tramaine (new)

Tramaine Im dying laughing at your review! I Love the honesty, and now Im tweeking to read it lol! Many thanks.

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