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The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien
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Sep 12, 2008

it was ok
Read in August, 2008

i TRIED to read this book . i got half way THREE times . this is the worst , most boring book ive read. all they do is go from one place to the next .. and thats it.

update. i re-read the book this is my review


the book starts of great , very homely , nice hobbits etc , and features a wizard, a big party and off they go on an adventure. so far so good. however it son starts to get a bit silly with a totally unecessary trip to some woods where they meet tom babadiollo who is the stupidest dumbest charachter in tthe book. isurprised tolkien didnt revise or take out this whole chapter because the charachter is so ludicrous when compared to the serousness of the LOTR later on. it adds nothing to the story and takes so much of the pace away.

next comes bree which is all good but then they go to the elves ,which are the blandest type of charachters in the bok. somehow ,whenever the party end up in elvish lands they become kinda hypnotised and want to just gaze upon the elves , which makes for extreme boredom for me .

this entre middle section f the book is kinda terrible , its so boring and its a struggle to get through and then it comes to the fellowshipand the long history of the ring which is even more boring but you have to read it ncase theres something important you might miss.

this is where the book disappears upitsown ass a bit. gimli son of gloin ? aragorn son of arathorn ?legalus ,son of pegasus? who cares? get on with the story.

thaknfully when the fellowship actually leaves the borng elf lands the book becomes aproper adventure. the latter part of the book is actually very good and makes you want to continue on the adventure hoping that the writer has hit his stride .

all in all , its not a great book , its not even a good book. there is a good book in it, it just needs some real editing to make it more like an adventure and less of chore.

it saves itself at the end a bit , but thats a lot of rubbish to read to get to the final third , which is very very good.
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Jared The problem was Tolkien was not entirely sure of his direction when he started writing "Fellowship". He simply sat down and starting writing, definitely wandering about. Once you get through three-quarters of "Fellowship", then the trilogy takes off and you will not be able to put it down.
You will even notice in the movie, in one shot, where Sam is saying this is the farthest out from the Shire he's been, the corn-stalks are barely waist high. The next time the story goes back to Frodo and Sam, the corn stalks are much taller than both of them, indicating the movie-script surpasses the wandering of Tolkien's book that readers struggle with in the middle of "Fellowship".

But I don't blame you for thinking it's boring. It took me a couple shots to get through the first three-quarters of the book, but then I was instantly hooked!

...for what it's worth.

Sinjinn i didnt know that. i just assumed it was as shallow as it was in the first half all the way to the end. i might go and read this and change my rating on it if it turns out to be good. 3/4 of of rubbish is a lot of hard work though.

Jared It is a lot of tough sledding at the beginning, but it's worth it!

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