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Strait is the Gate by André Gide
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I have read the negative reviews over here that made no ghosts of senses to me so I decided to write mine to defend Gide against such remarks. Maybe my understanding of this story is wrong but this is why I like it:

Well in the first place I do not think this is a love story. It is very depressing and very true. The overly sensitive, righteous Alissa thought of herself very highly and defied the love of Jerome to her, yet she behaves like they were not born for each other and tried to look good by making so-called sacrifices (that no one likes or even need) for the sake of her emotional S&M satisfaction. She knows all the good things to say, like, God and other religious or moral crap but they never really make senses because they are not true at all.

Hey, I've known those kind of people in real life. They use God, Buddha, whatsoever beautiful reasons to hide their own intentions. They live in a great delusion where they are the only sensible one.

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