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Whiteout by Ken Follett
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Dec 29, 2011

did not like it
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Oh for heaven's sake, Follett. Just because as a sixty-ish man you wish that a hot 38-year-old redhead would find you irresistible does not mean you have to bake this into a novel in such a thinly veiled fashion. And P.S., the book was actually going pretty well until said 38-year-old hugged the handsome sixty-ish man and felt——AHEM——wetness in her underthings. I beg your pardon? Way to ruin an otherwise almost-convincing romantic moment. Also Mr. Follett, you don't actually have to wrap up EVERY SINGLE LOOSE END when you conclude the book, like a child's chapter book. The whole idea of a (SPOILER ALERT) "one Christmas later" finale, in which all the happy protagonists wistfully remember, over an expensive dinner, how great their lives have been since they neatly captured and thwarted the bad guys.... well, I won't lie to you: it's overwrought, and corny. You should have used some White-Out of your own, and kept the story tighter.
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Jeanine Marie Swenson I agree with you, Stacey, in this Ken Follett novel the good people were just too good (and beautiful and rich) and the not so good people were just too awful. I prefer stories where the characters are just a little more authentic and believable. But I did enjoy the bioterrorism theme, scientific content and Scottish context. And as an action thriller, the author did do a good job keeping the plot moving right up until the very end. I also would have enjoyed more twists and turns and less heppily ever after at its completion.

Jackie Stacey, That same passage also stopped me in my tracks. Yuck! Trying to decide if I want to finish the book as there's couple other things that make me cringe. I so loved Pillars of the Earth...

Jessica I agree. The same passage made me wonder if I should even finish the book. Before that I was fairly hooked.

Alessandra Mori Totally agree...I posted a comment with a similar tasteless feeling about the ending. Defintely not one of Follett's top works.

RickyB Well said Stacey. I started doubting my enjoyment of this book after the "wetness" comment as well. It actually jolted me out of the story and I thought, omg, is this really how men think women think? Your review hit the nail on the head for me.

message 6: by Naomi (new)

Naomi Eww. Yeah, I guess I'll be giving this one a solid miss...

message 7: by Charlett (new)

Charlett Hobart to Stacy - who wrote her comments on Dec.29, 2011 - I enjoyed, in fact I split my sides reading your comments. I'd rather read anything by you then waste my time with Ken Follett. Hurrah to you, Stacy for your sharp and edgy and
brilliant mind. A fan of yours Charlett hobart

Stacey Hee hee! Awesome, thank you Charlett. I should write more negative reviews—it's invigorating, and making new friends is a bonus.

Linda I said exactly the same thing when I got to the "Wet" part! Ridiculous.

message 10: by Ellie (new)

Ellie So I'm not going to lie I think your opinion is ridiculous and maybe it's so incorrect because you didn't understand what was happening in the book. Just because you can't comprehend the backstory of the characters, doesn't give you permission to give negative reviews on a website that is read by people who will actually UNDERSTAND the book. So what if she's in love with Stanley? She's constantly complaining about the immaturity of her former husband, so she's looking for someone who understands her- like Stanley. This book was amazing and a great read for anyone who wants to be thrilled. Not to mention he added the ending because he wanted to show the tradition still stood even after his son was gone. Also I didn't appreciate your second comment "I should go write more negative reviews". I advise you don't because I wouldn't want you making a fool of yourself again.

message 11: by C. (new)

C. Ewww, he sounds like a disgusting "dirty-old-man"!
Thanks for the heads up, so I know to avoid this one!

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