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The Deception of the Emerald Ring by Lauren Willig
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Dec 28, 2011

really liked it
Read in December, 2011

** spoiler alert ** First, please forgive my spelling if I get it wrong - I listened to this one, I didn't read the book, so I may not spell names right.

I was texting my fiance as I was listening while I was at work. "I'm finding the Deception of the Emerald Ring quite vexing so far." I spent a good deal of time being infuriated at Geoffrey in this book for not listening to what really happened with the elopement. "He better get over being pigheaded soon or I will be very put out." Took him long enough to realize there wasn't a deceitful bone in his wife's body.

Things did get a bit farcical towards the end when the grand reveal happened.

I'm goign to preface this by saying my fiance is the kind of guy where if I'm sitting next to him reading and I laugh at something, he wants to know what the joke is, and I end up telling him a synopsis of the story to that point so that he can get a one line joke. So he sort of reads my books by proxy. :) This is me telling him about the end of the book via text message while I was away from home.

Me: Come revelation time in this, as in all mysteries, and we find nothing is as it seems.
Him: Oh?
Me: The Black Tulip is killed! (gasp)
Him: Ah.
Me: The Black Tulip was really the girl who came across on the boat with Lettie! (gasp) But she can't be!
Him: Ok...
Me: The Black Tulip is really the Marquise de Monvale! (gasp) But she can't be!
Him: Um... I thought... Ah, never mind.
Me: Because the Marquise de Monvale is really a guy named Augustus who's Lord Vaughn's cousin! (gasp) [Note: I got that bit mixed up. The Marquise was not a man. I believe the correct version would've been that the person we're introduced to as Augustus was really the Marquise in disguise, and the Marquise is still really Theresa and really a woman since she was married to the Marquis. The Marquise is not a cross-dressing man. Augustus is a cross-dressing woman.]
Me: It's the most convoluted revelation scene I think I've ever heard. And I'm not even done yet. I had to stop after Augustus. The Marquise escaped custody because the Pink Carnation told Vaughn to let her go. Quite convoluted. And poor Lettie's hands are still covered in blood from having discovered the Marquise's body. [Error: she discovered Emily's body backstage. The Marquise was murdered in Vaughn's house.] She was knifed through the eye. Messy.
Me: Ah! The Marquise & Emily were both merely petals, agents for the Black Tulip, but neither were actually The Black Tulip.
Him: Ok. [I'm pretty sure he'd stopped caring at that point. :) ]

Now that all this excitement has been worked up, a question. Why is this book not named after a flower like the others and why instead is it named after the engagement ring which plays a very little part in the story? I'm sure I could find the answer somewhere online but I figured if a fan is reading this, we could say hi!

ETA: listened to this again. I find I'm not nearly as annoyed with Geoffrey (although I am still a bit annoyed with him). Seems to me he catches on fairly quickly that his wife couldn't have tricked him like he thought, it just takes a while for him and her to have it out about that.

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