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Girl Genius, Vol. 3 by Phil Foglio
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Dec 28, 11

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Read on December 27, 2011

Volume 3 continues the awesome of Volume 2, and then throws a huge wrench into the plot. I'm actually a little annoyed with that... I would have loved to see more of just everyday life on Castle Wulfenbach (the castle is an airship).

I also empathize with the 'villain' and think in some ways he is in the right. He comes back from a long trip and finds his land in ruins, the world at war, all the good things he and The Heterodyne Boys worked for (as heroes) come to ruin. His solution was to unite the continent through tyranny. Peace through superior firepower, heh heh. And really, in the long run it's a benevolent dictatorship -- excellent compared to what they had before -- as long as you're not causing trouble ;-) That's why when he demands answers from two of his former friends turned rogue -- WHY were they hiding, abandoning him with no explanation -- I'm like YEAH WHY, and am annoyed when they just escape with violence instead of sitting down for a nice chat.

The character Othar is great; he is all the cliches of heroism personified, and everyone but him knows it. I love how nearly everyone is totally used to (and annoyed with) him already.

No bonus story in this one unlike Volumes 1 & 2. Aw.

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