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Mosaic by Amy Grant
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Jan 07, 12

Read from December 27, 2011 to January 05, 2012 — I own a copy

An avid Amy Grant fan from the early 80's, I became somewhat unenchanted with her after her divorce. Never quit loving her golden voice and beautiful way of handling lyrics, but my heart just couldn't bear the thought that it seemed she'd sacrificed her family for a new one, her seemingly hard-to-live with husband for a sweeter one. When this book came out, I couldn't deny the draw, the way it pulled to be read, no matter how much I told myself I didn't want to read it.
Having had a few rough years of my own, something in it seemed to pull me, and made me wonder about what Amy offered inside the cover - what stories she might share to shed light on what I hadn't understood of her decisions, what hope & help & insight she might have for the rest of us in our own tangled lives. Finally added this awesome book to my Amazon wishlist, and was delighted to find it under the tree for Christmas. In spite of some lovely gifts, this was the one that was grabbed my heart.
From the point of reading the dedication, I was in tears. This was the Amy Grant that I had remembered, and her heart came out in every word she wrote. Her kind and heartfelt words to husband Vince Gill at the end of the dedication started the tears that didn't end until the last page was read.
I do believe this is my new favorite book. It's a light read, to be sure, but it reaches deep into the heart and it touched something in the soul of this 40-something woman. Amy offers real life experiences from the life she's lived so far, and shares them with us with honesty and as much understanding and insight as is possible. She shares with us the lives that have touched hers and the things they have taught her. She shares real life experiences, regret and joy alike.
She only touches a couple times on the rough years she went through, approaching and going through her divorce from Gary Chapman. The story she relays about her conversation with Billy Graham was my undoing. So sweetly and sincerely offered, we see the tender heart of this woman who knows that her past wasn't perfect, and wasn't always lived in the way God would have chosen. So representative of us all in so many things.
Lessons learned from Mosaic: We simply do not know the heart of another, the things they've felt and faced, nor why they've made the decisions they have. We don't know the ways they've been restored, and changed through the events and people in their lives. Just as others can't see inside our heart and understand those things in our own lives and hearts. Life is too short to be judgmental, too precious to wasted in bitterness. God is gracious to restore and give us all many opportunities - how can we do less for anyone else. Each day is a gift to rejoice in and make the most of.
After reading this book, I felt like I'd sat down and had a heart-to-heart with an older more experienced sister. One who has already gone through something of a midlife crisis, one who has learned from mistakes and loves her family and friends with a sweetness and endearment that refreshing and example worthy.
I will read this again. Over and over. Probably soon. And I plan to make a habit of giving this as a gift for girlfriends.
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