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Lost Time by Susan Maupin Schmid
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The Short of It

New species discovery may cause misery.

The Long of It

Violynne is the daughter of smart archeologist on a planet where the exploration of the Croon civilization is paramount to finding more about the planet’s history. What should have been a relatively safe exploration turns brutal when Violynne’s parents disappear leaving her to figure out the mystery.

The Thoughts about It

What? I read this book because it’s the last one for my students’ book group and I thought it was a snore. The coolest thing was the house that Yiolynne lived in – it was built like a crescent moon. Seriously, how nifty of a house would that be? The story didn’t seem terribly original and the characters were afterthoughts as soon as I closed the book. I definitely could have skipped this one and not felt like I missed out.

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