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The Color Purple by Alice Walker
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Wow. I mean. Really. Wow.

You know how there are some books and their words wrap around you like a comforting blanket? Well...

This. Is. Not. One.

The Color Purple rips the clothes right off of your skin, leaving you bare and vulnerable. From the first freakin' moment opening the page. You are just THERE and you can't be anywhere else but THERE. Even when you're not.


Have you seen the movie? I had. I thought I was prepared. Because the movie was devastating. I remember vividly being in the house that me and a couple of college friends rented, sitting there in the dark, all of us sitting on our furniture, chain smoking, drinking wine and crying. The movie didn't prepare me.

Walker's words are music. Sometimes a sweet melody, but mostly a cacophony of pain and sorrow. Oh and how the characters change and grow with time, how they eventually find peace. And the dichotomy of the South and Africa? It makes me yearn to find pieces of literature that can show me the mysteries of that continent.

I am incoherent and refuse to speak of the summary. It's The Color Purple! It doesn't need a summary.

It is alive.

It is life.
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message 1: by Sadatu (new) - added it

Sadatu Best review I've read

message 2: by Ida (new) - added it

Ida Totally. Your review was my experience of reading this book.

Machel great review! just loved this book, too.

Meggie Burenheide Your review sums it up so well. It was like this book had no end and no beginning, it's just there. It's not a book that feels like just because the pages stopped, the characters stop. They live on in your heart, you know they're still there doing life.

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