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Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz
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Jul 20, 2015

it was ok
Read from May 23 to 25, 2012

At the beginning Camelia meets Ben when he saves her life. He touches her in a certain way that makes her think about it too much. Then he rides away into the sunset on his motorbike. And of course, he shows up three months later, on the first day of school all mysterious with a something which might be a dark past and the rumors about it getting wilder every minute and Camelia is immediately hooked. At the same time she gets these stalkish phone calls and photos of her. After a while, it turns out that Ben is psychometric and he felt that she was in danger when he touched her, so he wants to help her. At the end, the day is saved and we have a really dumb cliff-hanger. The plot is full of holes.

Camelia is a poor excuse of a main character. She has everything planned out and organized. She likes languages, has a talent for pottery, science isn't really her thing. She sees Ben, who seems somewhat broken and she becomes attracted to him, so she could try to fix him. A mediocre girl. Nothing special. Her and Ben's relationship, if you can call it a relationship, is almost entirely based on his good looks (which are often described as amazing and hot, repeatedly) and him wanting to help her stop the bad guy.

There are so many similarities with Twilight. It was unbearable. I wanted to put down the book because of how it reminded me of Twilight, but I decided to reach at least the half of it. So I ended up reading it entirely.

I just don't know what it is with Stolarz and stalkers. I read ''Blue is for nigtmares'' a while ago and I kinda liked it. It also had a freaky stalker around which the plot revolves and now after reading ''Deadly little secret'' it seems that they were both written on a pattern. I hate patterns. Guess I won't be reading any of Stolarz's works any time soon. Only if they were the last books left on planet Earth, after some maniacs created a religion out of them and burned every other book.

About the writing style, it's nothing spectacular. The novel is written from Camelia's POV which was a bit irritating. The word ''totally'' repeated over and over again. This kind of things make me question people's intelligence. There is also another POV; the stalker's, which was kind of convincing and the only thing I liked about this book, hence the 2 star rating.

Favorite quote: None.

Recommend to: Twiligh fans and teenage girls who like schematic YA paranormal romances

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