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A Great Deliverance by Elizabeth  George
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Jan 01, 12

Read from December 27, 2011 to January 01, 2012

My first time reading a book by Elizabeth George left me satisfied that here I have found a mystery series worth pursuing. My previous experience with what I consider a good mystery/crime novel was Anne Perry's Thomas Pitt and Inspector Monk series and I have been hoping to find another that would compare. I think I have found it here.

The factors that make this a good book are the good character developments and descriptions of setting details. While the plot carried me forward at a fairly quick pace, I find myself looking forward to witnessing the development of the relationship of Inspector Lynley and Sergeant Havers. The conversations between the two of them are sometimes very stirring. You can feel the emotions here as well as in other relationships. When Barbara lets it all hang out - I feel my heart swell. I enjoy the character descriptions including how their hair looks at the moment, what clothes they choose to wear, and facial expressions.

The setting and buildings, first in London and then an English village in York, are fully described down to the wallpaper in some instances, and how the place smells, "She led them into a typical English country inn lounge, whose air was heavy with the scent of a recent fire". I enjoy all of this detailed type of description plus the environmental "The countryside was a thousand different shades of green from the patchwork quilts of the cultivated land to the desolation of the open moors". I find myself thinking about the book even after I've finished it.

The plot revolves around a murder on a farm where a young woman is found next to the body of her father with his head chopped off. There is not a lot of gore and only a smidgen of profanity. Of course I don't want to reveal much more or it would spoil the mystery.

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