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The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot
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Dec 27, 2011

it was amazing
Read from February 13 to March 11, 2012

I'd have to agree the holographic model is the best model we currently have of understanding the human body and the universe (although I think the truth would be far superior). Sad that Bohm postulated the Holographic Model back in the 80s and his contemporaries thought he was a crack pot and the idea had to be re-discovered in the 90s by Susskind. Now most physicist are actually entertaining the Holographic model and very sadly they credit Susskind and have almost entirely forgotten about Bohm. Bohm was truly ahead of his times!!

Talbot have really taken the idea that the universe is a global consciousness to almost a logical conclusions by suggesting the reason why theoretical physics lead experimental physics by years is that the theoretical physicist are creating the subatomic reality by their beliefs in their mathematical models! Certainly explains all the mathematical elegance but what about the Higgs Boson?? With Billions being poured into it across both sides of the Atlantic, you surely can't fault these guys for lack of belief, but yet the Higgs Boson remains bogus!! Sadly he is no longer on the explicate order or I'd love to hear his answer.

Fascinating book. Every page is full of interesting anecdotes of the paranormal. Of particular interest is in the research into past lives and reincarnation.... at the end there is no one to judge us but ourselves and we feel both the joy and suffering that others incur due to us. Wonder how would Pascal wager on that! LOL

The book is great but bit dated, wish the publishers would find someone to give it a proper revision, but doubt that would ever happen....


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