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The Hours by Michael Cunningham
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This is such a magnificent book. I read it years ago shortly after it came out and I was blown away then by the language and the subject. Who would dare to write a novel about Virginia Woolf? Thank goodness Michael Cunningham dared - and succeeded.

Now one of my book groups is discussing this book and I am amazed for the second time. I listened to Cunningham read his work and different ideas and things popped out for me this time.

Somehow I missed some of the parallels in the stories. Little things are the same, they are subtle but there. The three women have so much in common. Of course, there are major differences, but Cunningham so carefully weaves their lives into a braid that links them through time and space. We cannot unlink them.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys literary fiction. It should be read by people who read for language. It is hard to believe that there are people like that who have not discovered this book, but if you are out there and you love the English language, read Cunningham's novel now.

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