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The Feast of Love by Charles Baxter
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Dec 26, 11

Something about the cover art and the back blurb always led me to assume that The Feast of Love was yet another tiresome novel about a couple of suburban white people whose marriage slowly collapsed. And, okay, that's one of the intertwining plots, but DAMN, did I ever misjudge this one.

The Feast of Love is really about a group of people whose otherwise ordinary lives are suffused and driven by transcendence and love. It's got a continuously shifting point of view (each chapter is narrated by another character) that nevertheless manages to move several narratives forward in a relatively linear and tense fashion. The plot twists are fresh and unexpected without breaking character or stretching the limits of plausibility. With a couple of exceptions - such as the teenage couple whose sections are mostly a litany of naivete and pop culture references peppered with "like," although they get a lot better towards the end - the characters are full and our experience of their lives is deep and fresh. Go read it.

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