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Eye of the Storm by Kate Messner
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Dec 26, 2011

it was ok
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Read from December 26 to 29, 2011

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WHAT I LIKED: Eye of the Storm started out promising. Jaden is a young girl--a very smart girl, bonus!--who goes to live with her dad after he has been studying storm development in Russia for years. He has a new wife and baby daughter, neither of whom Jaden has met before (cue adolescent angst). Jaden attends science camp, and quickly befriends Risha and falls in like with Alex. All this against a backdrop of killer tornadoes and sinister science, and the book sounds like a recipe for success.

Descriptions of the community they live in--where everyone's safety is guaranteed in writing--are really cool and futuristic. Everyone carries a data slate, which seems much like an iPad and phone combined. I love how the world's environment has slowly deteriorated, causing huge storms that threaten everyday life, and I definitely see some parallels with recent news reports that weather has generally become more active in the past several years due to global climate changes.

I liked the heart-pounding moments where Jaden breaks into places she should not be and attempts to figure out what's going on. I enjoyed the action of testing theories of storm dissipation in the Sim Dome, and the drama of characters running for shelter when they get caught out in the storm.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Character development is virtually nonexistent. About the only thing I know about Jaden is that she is really smart and loves science. In fact, that's pretty much all I know about Alex and Risha also. The dad is a caricature of someone obsessed with science; he does little else outside his office and rarely spends any time with his wife and daughters.

The young wife Mirielle is also a caricature--she is young, pretty, a perfect mother to the baby, and always in a cheerful mood (even though her husband ignores her and the baby most of the time). I picture her wearing yellow sundresses and dancing around the kitchen, blissfully oblivious to what is going on around her.

The plot is simple and really only has one focus--to stop the tornadoes. While 300+ pages is more than enough room to develop a couple of subplots, Messner spends more time explaining the science behind tornadoes and meteorology. Some science-minded kids will definitely love that, but for me, it drags down the story and detracts from character and plot development. The romance between Alex and Jaden seems to be almost an afterthought, added in simply to add something else to the linear plot.

And what's with the mom not calling her panicked daughter back? Jaden calls her mother several times and worries needlessly because her mother does not bother to return the call. I am a mom, and if my son called me multiple times (or even just once), begging me to call him back as soon as possible, I would do it immediately. As with the Jaden/Alex romance, it seems this was added in later to provide some sort of badly-needed subplot.

The twist at the end is supposed to be surprising. I am not usually one to predict endings well, but I saw this one coming very early in the story. The real villain seems to exist only to make the father look less like the mastermind behind the whole plot and more like a loving father. Yuck.

THE BOTTOM LINE: While it may help fill a need for fiction about science-minded girls, Eye of the Storm lacks plot and character development, making it a strictly additional purchase.
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