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Mesmerize by Artist Arthur
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Jan 14, 2012

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bookshelves: lulz, fantasy, magic, young-adult
Read from January 06 to 11, 2012

First off, the cover looks like a white girl with cat eye make-up, not a Korean chick that, as far as I could tell wasn't a mixed race Korean but full-blooded. And considering how often she referred to her heritage in the book, and how often racial slurs were thrown her way, I'm guessing she looked a lot more Asian than this. But maybe the copy I'm seeing is just off . . .

I have to say, I'm kinda glad this story arc is over because by this one, the circumstances were getting downright silly. And a running theme through all of them was how easily the darkness was defeated. MESMERIZE was no exception so I can't really fault it for that since at least the series has been consistent. But I guess just the silliness of how it manifested just got to me and I really couldn't take it seriously anymore. With the big clawed creatures stomping about, I kept picturing something out of an old He-Man cartoon as opposed to something more tangible than ink.

Lindsey's story had the potential to be really great. Here's a girl that's trying to get over the death of her parents and in the midst of that healing she needs to tangle with some dark stuff too. It could have been an epic parallel that would have ridden the plot nicely. But holy shit does Lindsey get fucking dumb when Dylan enters the picture. I've been saying lately that sometimes one needs to get whacked in the face with a branch in order to see the forest for the trees. In Lindsey's case, she needed to get gang raped by a forest of sequoias to get that far. I mean dumb to the point where I wanted to throw my reader. In this case it would have been my computer screen. At work. That would have been disastrous on may levels.

As far as anything concerned Dylan, he could do no wrong. Except he was set up to be something major right from the beginning. Not to mention he was really controlling, which she was okay with. And even when the big reveal was made, Lindsey still had a hard time swallowing the water being thrown on her face. Even in the middle of the THIS IS ME moment, she's still like "okay, maybe there's a possibility . . ." Yeah, and there a possibility that Dina Lohan is a bad parent.

Lindsey's level of stupidity and her blatant disregard for the obvious was so overwhelming that I really couldn't pay attention to much else. There was a great stand together moment at the end where the Mystyx joined forces to defeat Charon and his darkness brigade but since Lindsey was lobotomized up until the last possible second, it really didn't bare much weight for me. Especially when the rest of her friends were sitting there going HELLO?

The ending left it open for more books but at this point, I really couldn't figure out if I was still reading because I really wanted to or because I had some self-imposed obligation to keep reading the series. Considering how it ended, I'm going with the latter. If there are more books I'm probably going to pass on them. The series as a whole is two out of two for me. Krystal's and Jake's stories were by far the best, with Sasha having a less than stellar voice and Lindsey being a major moron. Add in the overall silliness of the villains and I'm going to call it a flush. It could really go either way at this point and while it's leading into Krystal's voice, which I like, the potential silliness is a turnoff. This'll probably end up being one of those series where if I have the time I may finish it but right now I think I'm good.

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01/06/2012 page 62
01/09/2012 page 97 "The story's still decent but I can't help but think some of the elements are getting silly. Right now I can't really tell if I'm still reading because I want to or because I have some self-imposed need to finish the series."
01/09/2012 page 153 "Lindsey is far too TSTL when it comes to Dylan. If she gets blindsided by some crazy revelation about him I'm going to find a way to slap her."
01/10/2012 page 162 "Holy fuck, really? You've been run over by a Greyhound filled with clues and you're still surprised Dylan is the evil he's been conspicuously cloaking? Holy shit. Lindsey was fucking moronic up until the last second. Denial is a powerful thing, I guess."
01/10/2012 page 163 "Holy shit, he APPEARS to be one of them? I can't take this anymore."
01/10/2012 page 167 "Lindsey makes me want to punch a baby in the face. If she ends up dead by the end of the book she deserves it. Fate can only drop so many clue bombs before it gives up."
01/10/2012 page 174 "I'm with Sasha. Lindsey's being far too dumb for her own good."
01/10/2012 page 183 "Of course. Why wouldn't the blind man piss into the wind?"
01/11/2012 page 190 "Yup. That really happened. Yay! I peed in the pool!"
01/11/2012 page 197 "How did you get here? You're an idiot, that's how."
01/11/2012 page 207 "Seriously. Lindsey could not possibly get any dumber."

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Angela Fristoe I completely agree about the cover! I don't understand a cover artist or publisher wouldn't use an accurate image.

Donna The thing is, Kimani Tru is a publisher that actively seeks out and promotes diversity in YA writing. Why they'd release a cover like this I have no idea.

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