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Hannibal by Thomas Harris
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Dec 26, 11

it was ok

The only good part of this book is the part set in Florence. It is actually outstanding. I would recommend everyone read it just for those twenty-four chapters. Chief Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi is a fascinating character. A corrupt cop who will do anything for money. He and Lecter play mind games against one another. And of course, Lecter wins by throwing him off a balcony.

The rest of it is pretty ordinary. Mason Verger is too nasty to be believable, and the part where he traps Lecter and plans to torture him is stupid. It would not happen in real life.

Clarice Starling doesn't seem to be as interesting a character in Hannibal as what she was in The Silence Of The Lambs. She is boring in Hannibal and basically becomes a sex object for Lecter. It's like she doesn't even need to be in the story.

Overall, I can only give this book two stars. The ending is weak. After Pazzi dies, the whole story falls apart. Paul Krendler is a dickhead and I kind of wish Lecter had killed him earlier on. I think Thomas Harris will be kicking himself right now, wondering why he didn't keep the story in Florence. The buildings, lifestyle, characters, history, and events described there were all good. Barney, the health worker, is a good character and more could have been written about him.

Also, Harris could have explained how Lecter managed to hide from the authorities for years. That's an important detail that was left out.

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