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I, Partridge by Alan Partridge
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Jan 18, 12

This is a bloomin' funny book.

I think I could actually finish my review there. It's not like Alan is paying me by the word for this review or anything.

I suppose I should "fill out the dead space" though so here's a bit more. This is a bloomin' funny book that will make you snort out loud with laughter. You just won't be able to help it. This is not a book to read in a public place and should really come with a warning on the front to that end because if you read it on a bus or train you will get funny looks from the other passengers when you are rolling about on the floor clutching at your sides. Even if you are safely at home reading in bed, you'll get a hefty elbow from your other half as you crease with laughter whilst she/he is trying in vain to get serious with the latest John Grisham paperweight.

It probably helps if you are an Alan fan though. The book is a fictional biography of Alan Partridge, a character that has been played so convincingly by Steve Coogan over the years that it is pretty easy to convince yourself that this is actually a genuine autobiography. Indeed, as you read the book you'll find your "head voice" becomes Alan's to a very alarming degree. There is even an audiobook available actually read by Alan. I am honestly tempted to get the audio version even though I've read the hardback. It's that good.

The book ties in nicely with Alan's previous outings, for example his various radio and T.V. shows, giving us a history of Alan's up-and-down career but with his own spin on the version of events. Those familiar with his earlier work will be able to spot these wonderful embellishments. It probably helps to have seen some of Alan's earlier stuff, but it is by no means essential.

The book is well written and full of gags coming at you so fast that you can easily miss some of them in the onslaught. Alan makes great use of footnotes, each one a gem, and even goes so far as to suggest a musical playlist to accompany the book to enhance your reading pleasure! I only wish it came with the CD so I could have tried this feature.

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