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Ice Trilogy by Vladimir Sorokin
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May 06, 13

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Um, what now?

My original intention was to review each of the three books in the Ice Trilogy. As you can see below, I only really reviewed the first one, Bro. It also took me 6 months of faffing about to finish the book. (Yes, I read some amazing books in the meantime.)

The beginning was brilliant. The ending was fun and interesting. But, man, I don't think Sorokin makes a very good case for weird or satirical fiction here. There was almost no humor, or at least sideways references to the real world like in most weird fiction. I can't possibly imagine what kind of allegory he might be getting at. The story almost seems gratuitously odd, without much of a payoff for the reader.

It wasn't for me, but it might be for you?

I know that part of the appeal of Sorokin is how much he has pissed off the Russian government by going overboard. (In one of his previous books, he has clones of Stalin and Khrushchev having sex.) This didn't feel overboard at all. Just overly repetitious.

Christmas present from my husband!

Make no mistake, this is metaphysical science fiction with an experimental story telling style, yet really well written. The first third feels like a very traditional Russian storyline. Then the middle third, I was all, "um... whaaa?" It was fairly repetitious though the middle. Finally the last third picked up again and it was fun seeing the story follow history.

Sorry for the vagueness, but it's incredibly hard to describe what's going on without giving the whole thing away.

Putting this aside over the holidays to read some easy, breezy, cheesy books.
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14.0% "Wow, after an intro that read like a russian novel, this book has really changed tone, bro."
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message 1: by Fil (new)

Fil No way! I am so jealous. The last few times I went to Chapters I keep checking this book out. It looks amazing

Cindy Nice! It is pretty and also a very thick book. Very fondle-worthy.

message 3: by El (new) - rated it 4 stars

El I've been wanting to read this for a while too. Can't wait to see what you think of it. Good job, Ciddy-husband!

Cindy I'm really worried that I'll break the book's spine when I read it. Ack!

message 5: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Thanks El - I try to be a literally-enabling Ciddy-husband.

message 6: by Fil (new)

Fil Very curious to see what you think of this. It might be my next purchase.

Cindy I'll make sure to do plenty of status updates, Fil!

I'm only on p 10 and there's no sign of SF yet.

message 8: by Jayme (new) - added it

Jayme This is on my list too!

Cindy Sa-weeet! I think it'll be right up your alley, Jayme.

Cindy Yo, Jayme, I'm gonna say, don't do it. It's too weird without much of a payoff. :-/

message 11: by El (new) - rated it 4 stars

El :(

Cindy Sorry, El. :( I read your review, but I don't think I understand what you liked about the book.

message 13: by El (new) - rated it 4 stars

El I think weird shit like this works for me on some level. You diddn't like Dhalgren as much as I did either.

Cindy True. I liked Dahlgren waaaay more than this, though. I felt like I could actually see the layers of storytelling and allegory, even if I didn't understand them. This felt like it was being weird just for the sake of it?

Astratow Absolutely agree, but I could not be bothered to finish this book and I have tried twice... As you have said, very repetitive. Extremely. Enormously. Arghh, what a waste of time and my fragile nerves...

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