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The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
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Mar 31, 12

Read from January 13 to 15, 2012

It's not a secret that Nicholas Sparks' novels really aren't my thing. I don't care for his style of story telling, and his characters are often emotionally manipulative. That being said I know a movie version of this book is being released in 2012 so I wanted to know what was up.

I did not enjoy this book. The flashbacks were confusing, and I had difficulty readjusting myself when the timeline would jump back and forth. There was too much information about things that seemed unimportant, and not enough information about stuff I wanted more on. Namely the military stuff. Logan's past could have been explained in a better way. I was bored to death. To. Death.

The relationship between Logan and Beth fell completely flat to me. I didn't get it. I felt no connection at all. I felt more from the described relationship between Drake, and Beth. But he was her brother so... no. I wanted to feel it. I tried, but just nothing was happening for me. It moved too fast, and the focus was on all kinds of messes I had difficulty grasping any intended intensity.

I didn't dislike Beth the way I usually do with Sparks' female characters. I've been in her position, and I get it. I appreciate her desire to know the truth, and the way she just stormed on Logan demanding answers was great. It was my favorite part of the book to be honest.

I guess I just expect more from Sparks. He has a million books, and a bunch of movies to boot. Why was this book so poorly written? Are all of his books so underwhelming? I felt like the third person narrative was uncultivated and written by someone who'd not only not done third person before, but hasn't read a lot of novels written in third person before. And I know that's just not the case with him. So I don't get why women flock to read his books. They're not any better than what I can get in a Harlequin romance book. The word selection was also very repetitive.

I doubt I'll read another novel by this author. I've had friends tell me really awesome things, and friends just shake their heads at his work. Do your thang Mr. Sparks, but it's not for me.
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Reading Progress

01/13/2012 page 28
9.0% "Several things about this book bug me already. The story feels forced because of the jumping around and I'm not sure I like the style."
01/14/2012 page 100
31.0% "Ugh. Okay. Clayton is a creep. Logan kinda gets on my nerves a little bit and Beth's lack of awareness makes me want to punch something. And this book is poorly narrated."
01/15/2012 page 271
83.0% "This book continues to upset me. Logan seems to be the only one with any intelligence at all, except for Nana. Beth is utterly oblivious to everything and I can tell how it's going to end already."

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Future Slayer Girl (aka: kitten) I'm not a fan either. My 19 year old brother eats these up like candy!! Yes, 19, and a male. I don't get it :-P

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