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Mr. Cavendish, I Presume by Julia Quinn
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Jan 01, 12

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Read from December 30, 2011 to January 01, 2012

Least favorite Julia Quinn novel. Enjoyable, but I really did not like the hero. Reading the first installment of the series right now. And I truly have seldomly been in love with a hero as much as I am with Jack. Oooh. *swoon*

I decided to review both books in one review, it makes more sense to me: Both books start about at the same time and their plots are intertwined; I would compare them anyway, so why not do it properly?

If you are a newbie to Historical Romance novels, I would probably recommend Julia Quinn. I am a newbie, and I really like her books. Usually, I need more serious, darker novels, but the light and funny atmosphere Quinn creates makes for a great read. The conflicts, mostly internally driven ones, are believable and although I wish she would write about middle class citizens instead of Dukes, and Viscounts, I like her stories.

If you buy this duet, you will get the following: A Duke, Thomas, and his fiancee, Amelia. Both don't have the best relationship, he rather disregards her and in my opinion both characters of the second novel are pale in comparison to Jack, the highwayman and maybe Duke, and Grace, the dowager's companion, the protagonists of the first novel – The Lost Duke of Wyndham.

Grace is -after losing her family- the companion of Thomas' grandmother; Jack is a long lost cousin and probably also the true Duke of Wyndham. His father died before he knew that he was the new duke and so Jack did never know either - As well as the Wyndhams never heard of his existence. He meets the dowager and Grace when he tries to rob them. (Obviously, the dowager recognizes his father in him..)

Jack is a great, funny, charming character. He is very intelligent, and is a loveable character. Grace is funny, witty, but sometimes a little too stubborn. She thinks she is below both Thomas and Jack because of their (maybe) Dukedom.

On the other side, we have Thomas and Amelia. They slowly learn to love eachother and it could almost be too late – When he finally realizes what she means to him, he might have to give her up. She is not 'his' fiancee, after all. But the one of the Duke of Wyndham. And if that is Jack, she is Jack's fiancee. (Who is not so happy about it either, because he fancies Grace, and she him.)

I did not like Thomas at all. He is, in my opinion, a very spoiled boy. I read his novel first, so I did not get all of the background story and I think that made it even easier to dislike him. He is told to be a very responsible person, but it is not shown. ;(

Compared, I think The Lost Duke of Wyndham is a much better novel than Mr. Cavendish, I Presume. It's funny, the protagonists are easy to like and love. The pacing 'feels' better, and for some reasons it feels as if the hero and heroine are the better people. I know, that's an evil thing to say. But anyway, I would recommend you to read the first novel, definitely! The second is just a maybe. It is a novel that people MIGHT enjoy, whereas The Lost Duke of Wyndham is one I'm quite sure most WILL like.

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12/30/2011 page 107
28.0% "Maybe it's because I haven't read the prequel which seems to be set exactly at the same time this novel is, but I do know that I don't like the hero. He's borderline asshole as far as I can tell and I don't understand WHY he is. Heroine is sort of flat, too. Feels as if pages have been torn out and that's why I don't get into the story. I've expected something far better from Julia Quinn, really." 4 comments

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