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Inception by Christopher J. Nolan
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Dec 24, 2011

it was amazing
Read on December 28, 2011

I watched it twice.I read the reviews of many attempting to deconstruct the plot,a Rorschach test if I ever saw one. Dicaprio made a comment on record that indicates Nolan's script is autobiographical in nature.Nolan respond to critiques of the plot by remarking on the breakaway at the end.The spinning top,the totem, which each individual has,though Cobb and Mal(look up the French prefix for this name)share this one,saying that Cobb is not looking at the top at the end because it does not matter now. Addiction - (your waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away),tracks and shooting up(you know where you hope this train takes you,but you cant be sure)and the reason is then explained. The ache that would be the root cause of escapism through addiction is profoundly expressed. Mal and Cobb may be anima and animus or a couple caught in a pathological relationship of drug distorted limbo.Jungian archetypes run throughout the script,but the point is a map out of the maze. Ariande,a name from Greek myth being another clue.Cobbs projections,the whole movie as a dream,expresses itself in each character. The face of his children at the end may be explanation enough for his push for clarity,or symbolic of facing developmental years.It is interesting to note that several actors Nolan has used have struggled with addiction. Watch with compassion for a new take on the film. A fascinating study in insight.
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