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South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami
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At first I dislike this book but now I am confident to say that I hate it.

It's about this shallow and whiny man who wronged every women he put his hand on (probably because he is so deep, no one can understand him since he's the only child, yes, you gotta remember how painful it is for this Hajime guy to be the only child)... except his childhood sweetheart who is so deep that she never has a real personality but some random emo appeal which cannot make me care less. The author tried so hard but she turned out to be a sphinx without a secret. Meanwhile our hero remains an emo for the rest of the book, and maybe the rest of his life. He's got everything he wants but he cannot stop complaining and fancying about that girl whom he had a crush on, yet never actually knows. Did I mention she's the only child also?

Years after they collided in some cliche fashion: the rain, the bar, some cocktails and jazz music playing and OMFG she's so mysterious. They made love (yeah how unpredictable) and then she disappeared because the book would be deep if it's an unhappy one, and then the guy was like "WTF happened was that all a dream?" because the money is gone (yeah if you have read then you know I mean what money) but no it was real and he came back to his poor wife. And his wife is the only likeable character out there.

The writing is just okay and readable. If you have read a lot you should probably not regard Murakami as those authors who offer the most beautiful prose out there. This look like a second attempt of Murakami after the success of Norwegian Wood (which is an emo saga to me). Seriously he should stop abusing pop culture references.
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Hamiora Liberation I'm going to give your first sentence five stars.
Love Murakami, but this is the first of his that I find disappointing (Still gave it 3 stars).
What I love about Murakami is, after the book has been read, the after taste lingers.
Your right. The wife was the only likeable character. Happy NY 2013.

Courtney Williams I completely agree with you. I LOVE Murakami, but absolutely loathed this book. I don't know what he was thinking.

Joli Thank you! I'm so tired of books trying to make us sympathize with whiny assholes.

Zetxb I would give you an Internet High-five sir! I salute you!

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