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Inheritance by Christopher Paolini
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01/25 page 1
0.0% "Where everything is revealed! (I hope!)"
01/25 page 14
1.0% "Chapter 2, Hammerfall."
01/25 page 20
2.0% "Chapter 3, Shadows on the Horizon."
01/25 page 26
3.0% "King Cat"
01/25 page 28
3.0% "At last Grimrr arrived before Nasuada. He inclined his head ever so slightly, displaying with his bearing the supreme confidence, even arrogance, that was the sole province of dragons, cats, and certain highborn women."
01/25 page 33
3.0% "I wonder what Angela did to make the King Werecat hate her, though it actually doesn't surprise me; if anyone would offend him, it would be her. Starting Chapter: Aftermath"
01/25 page 37
4.0% "Memories of the Dead"
01/25 page 43
5.0% "Poor Glaedr; I hope his grief doesn't last forever, or else his sacrifice will have meant nothing, except that he will suffer forever :'( On to the next chapter, What is a Man?"
10/26 marked as: currently-reading
10/26 page 51
5.0% "I'm tired of 300, 400 page books right now."
10/27 page 84
9.0% "Going to concentrate on Spooked for a while, I think."
10/28 page 102
11.0% "Only 759 pages to go."
10/28 page 116
13.0% "Why would Galbatorix spread the tale of his greatest defeat? Villian or not, none of us are proud of are shortcomings (and if you are proud, yay for you!)."
10/28 page 139
16.0% "Only read about 50 pages today, but I had to work. :("
10/30 page 157
18.0% "Got a few pages in before I have to get ready for work."
10/30 page 171
19.0% "Roran is kind of a boring character. His storyline is interesting enough, but his thought process is boring."
10/30 page 210
24.0% "Pages 145 through 209 are all.Roran's POV, without one single break. I don't like Roran that much, his thought process is so boring; leaving a cliffhanger for a few chapters might have given me less of a headache."
10/31 marked as: to-be-continued
03/19 marked as: alternate_currently-reading
05/25 marked as: to-read
06/09 marked as: currently-reading
06/11 page 252
29.0% "Chapter 26: Discovery"
06/11 page 255
30.0% "I understand and accept that elves are superior to humans, but there skills in this series are a bit beyond belief; and considering how powerful they are, I'd think the Varden would be a bit better off then they are, but apparently not. :-/"
06/16 page 271
31.0% "Hard to read much at a time when my cats, Sparrow & Claudia, literally keep coming between me and my book :)"
08/28 marked as: to-read
10/24 marked as: currently-reading
11/15 page 308
36.0% "I'm glad Arya healed her hand, because the visual imagery was making me "eek!""
12/09 marked as: on-hold
07/26 marked as: currently-reading
07/26 page 388
45.0% "In the mood for some fantasy that isn't MG or Wheel of Time."
08/15 page 506
57.0% "Reading a little while waiting for a test at the hospital. Lucky me."
09/03 marked as: on-hold
01/21 marked as: to-be-continued
03/21 marked as: comics-and-manga-unowned
03/21 marked as: coming-up-next
03/21 marked as: up-next_owned-and-excited-to-read
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