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Maximum Ride, Vol. 1 by James Patterson
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Dec 23, 2011

it was ok
Read on December 29, 2011

K this is what my beef was with this book.
** I just also remembered, one of the only things I liked about this was that the cover pictures were kind of cool**
a) It just kind of messed up my image of the characters. I mean, I should've seen it coming but.... they gave Fang a freaking pony tail. A long one at that! I mean, he had longish hair, not a PONY TAIL! And they made 11-year old Nudge look like a 17 year old.That just seems wrong to me. Goodness.
b) The artist seemed to think that the characters had to always be WAY dressed up. Like designer clothes and REALLY fancy dresses. Dresses?! In the book Max says that they all hate dresses (exepting Nudge but she agrees) because they are not agreeable clothes for what they are doing (fighting bad guys, flying, etc. Dresses just don't fit in there) so it just kind of annoyed me.
c) In the battles in the book they come out with dirty clothes and blood splattered. In the graphic novel (I almost said comic book but that's not the correct term, my bad, guess I'm learnin') they come out with a few new band-aids and with perfect clothes excepting an askew jacket. Grrr.
d) I thought that this one (the first) would cover the Angel Experiment but it didn't. It didn't even get a third of the way through the plot of the first book. Goodness. So, four of the manga are made and they haven't even finished going through the events in the first Maximum Ride book. Seriously? Plus, it was hard to follow the plot. I've even read the book and I was WAY confused.

It just bothered me too much.

I'll still read the rest because I went to the trouble of putting them on hold. Now, I think Manga is a cool form of art. I'd love to learn how to draw Manga (I have an Asian friend and her drawings are awesome) but I'd rather do still art of people/places I know. Not action. I just think books were never meant to be made into Manga. It just doesn't fit the setting of the book.

Todays rants on Graphic Novels/manga brought to you by: Lauren. Enjoy.

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