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Gone by Michael  Grant
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Oct 21, 12

bookshelves: ya, horror
Read from December 25 to 28, 2011

I think I'd give this 3.5 stars if I could.

I would describe this book as Under the Dome meets Lord of the Flies meets Heroes. So obviously you have a lot of plot to work with there, and I thought Grant did a great job of keeping things moving, and keeping a lot of characters in play. I was actually expecting it to be more stressful than it was -- even though I didn't love Under The Dome (for certain reasons), I could barely breathe while i was reading it because of how brutal and stressful it was. I sort of expected something similar with this book (albeit, in a more YA sort of way), but it didn't quite make it there.

On the flip side, I also felt it lacked any real moments of humanity. I thought this book had the potential to be pretty epic, and while it (somewhat) delivered on the bad parts, I never felt those moments of 'this is why humanity is worth saving'. Even though the characters are pretty neatly drawn between 'good guys' and 'bad guys' (with a few grey area exceptions, like Quinn), I never felt really passionate about the good guys succeeding, because I never felt they had a real vision. If you take a book like The Stand (which I also loved), you really resonate with the good guys, because you see the kind of world they want to create, and why, and you can really root for them. I never got that feeling with this book. Even though I wanted the good guys to 'win', it was only sort of by default that I felt that way, and not because of any real affinity I felt for them.

I guess my problem stems from Sam, because I felt like maybe HE was only good by default. Even though he was supposed to be the natural leader of the group, there was nothing about him that really made me want to get behind him, except that he wasn't Caine.

There are a few exceptions with the more minor characters -- I really liked Albert, for instance, and his immediate gravitation towards feeding people, and the idea of work. 'Mother Mary' and her relentless devotion to taking care of the preschool kids. I felt like these characters had more vision and purpose than any of the lead characters did.

Overall, I thought this was a fun read. I've already bought the second book and will give that a go as well, but I'm not sure the series will hold me long term.

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