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Ingenue by Jillian Larkin
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Dec 21, 2011

really liked it
Read from December 29 to 30, 2011

Once again this book had my complete attention.

Once again in this book there are split P.O.V.'s. You read from the eyes of Gloria, Vera, Lorraine, and Clara. But, instead of the girls all doing and talking about the same things, you read about each of their own lives. After a tragic problem in Chicago Gloria and Jerome run to New York to escape the police, mob, and their old lives. In New York life is not a rich life, in fact they live in a poor part of town, have to steal food, and can not find any jobs. Lorraine is out for revenge, and it is all she wants. One of the high up mobsters offers her a job, in New York for the summer, and after she completes her mission she can go live out her life as a college student. This mission, find Gloria and Jerome then turn them into him so he can "teach them a lesson". It was explained to Lorraine as the man would get beat up, the girl left unharmed and then all would be well. But, our other girls know better. Then you have Vera who in the first chapter witnesses a killing of the one and only ex fiance of Gloria, Sebastian Gray. The killer, a women who is also looking for, and going to kill Carlito and Jerome(Vera's brother). Vera jumps into to action, she HAS to save her brother. Through a twist of events she ends up having the help of Even, the trumpet player from Jerome's band at Green Mill. They rush off to New York to find her brother, and save his life. Then last but not least we have our lovely and glamorous Clara. Clara ended up going to New York with the love of her(and Lorraine's might I add) life, Marcus. Where she ends up running into(not on purpose) some of her old flapper friends. While with them she meets an editor of a magazine,who offers her a job as a writer, to show and talk about the life of flappers and their want-to-be's. Then each girl in her own ways finds out about Cartilo's plan to kill Jerome(and Gloria?) and that Gloria is in fact the real killer. Now I can't really tell you without ruining the book, but I can say their are deaths,love, unexpected twists, and a good read in pretty much every turn of a page in this book. I loved it!

This book was a great continue of Vixen, if you liked the first one at all,you will love this one.

There is still french thrown in here and there, not nearly as much as the first, but still there was enough for a french lover like me(:

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