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Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire
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Dec 21, 2011

really liked it

Rosemary and Rue: An October Daye Novel[return]Seanan McGuire[return]DAW (2009), Paperback, 368 pages[return][return][return]Drat it, Seanan! You really do make it hard to not write a spoiler filled review! I shall endeavor to do your craft the credit it deserves. Sigh[return][return][return]Rosemary and Rue may be Seanan’s debut novel, but is FAR from the beginning of her writing career. As a writer who has her quill in all manner of projects, from novels to writing – and singing – bawdy songs, to doing what she does in her ‘other life’ (which benefits many people greatly) she’s always processing huge amounts of information to be used later. And she eventually will find a place for every single scrap of it. I know she will![return][return]Having said that, R&R is a complicated story from the start, as we discover Toby, a half-bred human/fairy, trying to put things together after spending a considerable amount of time rather inconveniently indisposed after the PI assignment she was working goes terribly wrong. [return][return]As a Private Investigator in San Francisco she handles all kind of cases, from the mundane missing mutt to the crafty dealings of the Fae. She settles down to a ‘relatively’ normal life, working at Safeway, because her PI license was suspended during her unexplained absence, and comes home one morning (liking the night shift) to find a message that embroils her in an investigation – whether she likes it or not. [return][return]This is something that she can’t walk away from, and has her ranging the locales of San Francisco as well as the ways to the Faerie Lands. You see, she’s not just Toby Daye, the worst night clerk Safeway had ever seen, she’s also October Daye, Knight of the Shadowed Hills, in service to His Grace, Duke Sylvester Torquill of the Shadowed Hills and the Daoine Sidhe.. You just know it’s going to get complicated.[return][return]Ms McGuire writes a complex and crafty tale… far too much to be one book, or even the three that are currently contracted for. There are a lot of loose threads hanging around this tapestry, but I believe, given the opportunity, Seanan will skillfully weave them all together in as many books as it takes. When she does, it will be a truly spectacular tapestry.[return][return]Overall; 4 Stars (hate to dock you that star, but there are still too many things running around loose in here. One of them probably carried it off -- are Rose Goblins like raccoons and find *Shiny* things irresistable?)

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