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Yu-Gi-Oh! R, Volume 1 by Kazuki Takahashi
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Oct 02, 2014

it was ok
bookshelves: graphic-novel
Read in July, 2011

I read this back in 2011 and am revisiting it three years later, and... holy moly, how did I give this thing 4 stars when I first read this? I must have been suffering from severe Yu-Gi-Oh! withdrawal.

I don't have anything against the storyline (which is nothing special), and the art is okay (again, nothing special), and it's good that they're not dragging out the duels against the unimportant card professors. But who on earth was in charge of scripting the duels? They're terrible.

Even taking into account how the original manga sometimes cut corners on the rules (especially in Duelist Kingdom), the duels in Yu-Gi-Oh! R are spectacularly terrible. I was basically skimming through the duels this time around, and there is a deplorable number of mistakes:

* The text of Castle Gate states, "Once per turn, if this card is in face-up Attack position, you can Tribute 1 Level 5 or lower monster..." Deschutes uses this effect even though he played Castle Gate in Defense mode.

* Yugi uses Bounce to gain control of Tilla's Evil Eye of Coercion, which can be used only when the player has control of a "Vampire" monster (which Yugi did not). This one's iffy because the text of Evil Eye of Coercion states, "Activate only while you control a 'Vampire' monster," so arguably it could be used by anyone after activation.

* Kirk uses Intruder Alarm-Yellow Alert to Summon Caterpillar Tank (2700 ATK) during Yugi's Battle Phase, in order to fend off Dark Magician Girl (2000 ATK). The Summon is supposed to trigger a replay, but Kirk treats it like DMG will still continue her attack no matter what.
* Yugi uses Diffusion Wave-Motion, which can only be used with Level 7 or higher Spellcasters, with Dark Magician Girl, who is Level 6.

* Pete activates Teletemporate to remove Mindmaster from the field (to protect it from being destroyed by Divine Knight Ishzark). This means his field has no monsters, so technically Jounouchi could have then decided to attack Pete directly.

* Mrs. Maico loses 1500 LP after Gazelle (1500 ATK) destroys her Leprechaun (now 0 ATK), which puts her at 2500 LP. After she Summons Green Baboon, she somehow has 1500 LP instead of 2500 LP.
* Green Baboon's ATK mysteriously drops from 2600 to 1600 during the final attack. It should not have been able to be destroyed by Archfiend of Gilfer (2200 ATK).
* Even assuming Green Baboon had 1600 ATK, she still should have had 900 LP left after Gilfer's attack, had she had the correct amount of LP before the attack.
* Let's not even mention how Mrs. Maico played De-Spell like it was a Quick-Play Magic card (which they do alll the time in the series, so we should be used to it).

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