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Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr
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Jan 18, 12

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bookshelves: paranormal, young-adult
Read in November, 2011

Okay. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover! It's so pretty and I just love it! On the Wicked Lovely site (wickedlovely.com) there's a reasoning behind the cover, so I'll post that.

Ash is holding a flower that should die beacuse of the snow, but doesn't because she is the Summer Queen. (The flower/snow thing is from Keenan & Beira's conversation when Beira crushes the flower he is causing to grow.) The vines are ivy from the Summer Girls.

Ash is really Aislinn, her nickname is Ash.

So the content. I really liked the plot and the concept really drew me in. The details were lacking only slightly, and I love how Aislinn is this really strong character who is intent on ignoring Keenan and Beira. After hearing Ash, it reminded me of the Iron Fey, and I started wondering if that's how Julie got her name for our super-hot Winter prince. (How can a prince of Winter be hot? It confused me, too.) Maybe she did, but I really wish she hadn't because I want that name! Julie likes the Wicked Lovely series, so that may be it, but just thought I'd point that out, only because I'm obsessed, as you can obviously tell.

The descriptions were lacking, like I said before, and I felt it was really slow and sluggish, and not the type of action I usually love. Also, I (SPOILER ALERT!) hate how Seth ends up with Aislinn, and how Keenan sort-of ends up with Donia. I was absolutely livid, because although Keenan annoyed me at first, I warmed up to him. *Winces* Bad pun, I know, since he is the Summer King. And then he ended up with the Winter Queen, and I just was so mad I wanted to hurl the book. (SPOILER ENDED!) Also, I felt that it was really predictable and that the solution was just really easy.

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