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Linger by Maggie Stiefvater
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Jan 01, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal, young-adult
Read in December, 2011

I found this book much more enjoyable than the last book, and the cover is better to me. Before, Shiver had a lot of vines and just a wolf on the cover, but not there are less vines and tangly things on the cover and a clear image of a girl—Grace, I'm guessing—and a wolf—I don't know whom, since Sam (***SPOILER ALERT for Shiver***) isn't a werewolf anymore. (SPOILER END***)

This time, the flashbacks still annoyed me to no extent. I kept skipping over paragraphs in my annoyance and then having to go back because the next parts confused me. Cole and Isabel are added now to the characters, and sometimes chapters are written in their point of view. Grace is starting to grow rebellious, and it's a side of her that we've never seen, which is good. At least Grace isn't a static, perfect character that annoy me sooo much.

Adding Cole and Isabel into the plot made it more interesting, because we got to saw a point of view other than just Grace and Sam's. Also, it's much more dramatic in the second book, since Grace (***SPOILER ALERT***) is starting to get sicker and sicker for no apparent reason. (***SPOILER END***) Cole also plays an important role in trying to cure her. The ending was really sad, but not enough to make me cry like I had in the Iron Queen, but it was sad enough that I wanted to pick up the next one immediately.

At the end of the book, too, Sam and Grace were forced apart until later in the third book, and there wasn't an "I love you" or "I won't forget you" or anything. I wish there was at least some romantic note to end the book on, but there wasn't. So, this book's plot was better and more dramatic than the first, but it still got a four because of the flashbacks and how it annoyed me, and how the ending disappointed me in the romance area.

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