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The Prague Cemetery by Umberto Eco
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Jan 18, 2012

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Recommended pre reading for the "Prague Cemetery" is "The Protocol's of the Elders of Zion". It will give you a understanding of the intrigues that culminated in it publication and acceptance by the world of the "Age of Enlightenment" and the events that transpired in the 20th Century in Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland Russia, France and the remainder of Europe and parts of Asia, even the United States.

Umberto Eco, the Master of History and a great writer, introduces you to a world that is getting more literate, searching for answers, people are forming groups and salons to discuss new ideas, but dragging with them the tales, fears, prejudices, ill formed opinions and hatreds that grew out of the Dark and Middle Ages. Prevalent is the belief in witchcraft, which is subscribed to by both the Church and State. It is a time when there is a new proletariat that is seeking its place in a dwindling royal Society leaving behind them a bankrupt state for the poor and ignorant who know not who to blame for their situation.

The powerful, ignorant voting mass is approaching and the Royals are losing control. The Catholic Church feels its control slipping and some means must be generated to regain control. The Freemasons are formed, as the Rosie Cross Society and the Guilds are born, Some people look to Satan as God has been no help. Others to another plain of free spirituality not controlled by the Catholics. Who is to blame for the increased suffering in the world, its poverty and it unfairness.

The Church attacks the Jews and blows the flames of hatred here and also bombards the Free Masons as Devil worshipers to halt the growth of all those groups. The Jews and the Freemasons hold the money and engage in ancient beliefs and practices that the Church and State team mark as anathema. Each group is under attack, and they all are struggling for control and survival.

Enter our protagonist Mr. Simononi who after being trained by the Jesuits and his Grand Father, a loathing old man, becomes the forger and story teller that everyone needs. He forges documents to bring down Jews, even the innocent Dreyfus, and attacks the Free Masons with forgeries and false rebellions that cause to have them killed and arrested. Naturally, he is forced to murder to hide his crimes and maintain his innocent stature.

Simioni's grandfather gave him the "Cemetery of Prague" which is a forged sadistic meeting of the 12 tribes of Israel in the Prague Cemetery at night to bring down all governments and bring them under Jewish control; to make all gentiles "goyim slaves to the Jews". Even the Great Kings and Countries of Europe and Asia and later the USA owe money to the Jewish Bankers. As all the great governments of the past begin to change and fail, the debts to the Jews grow larger. All nations need the Jews and hate them at the same time. The Jews are an easy target as they are pushed to foreclose to feed their own families . Of course, as the Jews were not allowed to do anything but loan money and could not become tradesmen in the changing Society in which they were stuck with the only lot they were given. They were easy targets of hate and combining them with the Devil worshiping Freemasons as satanist and abusers of children, explained the problems they brought to Society and the imperative for extinguishment

After thousands of misadventures into each of the groups that attack , plan and create intrigue to thrive and conquer, Simononi, brings his adventures to a conclusion by forging the greatest masterpiece in History. He is asked to do it for Russia, it becomes part of the Revolution" and is fodder for the Gulags. It lives on for almost another half century where it becomes fodder for the Nazi's. It has been exposed as a forgery and a lie. However, even today some people,i.e. Neo Nazi's" beleive and defend it as true. The tale is true history and Eco states that only the name, address and the multiple identities of the protagonist were made up. Thus, Eco has described the evolution of an old mans manuscript the "Cemeteries of Prague" into the historical fraud of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion".

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