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The Lens and the Looker by Lory S. Kaufman
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Dec 21, 11

Read on December 21, 2011

What immediately struck me about the book was a concept like nothing I've heard of before. Originality can be quite difficult to come by nowadays and I'm seriously fed up with the Hunger Games and the Twilights of YA - the book is completely different. One thing that wasn't really made obvious was the time period in which the book is predominantly set in; my original thought was that the book will focus on the 24th century which really caught my attention. On further reading, I found that the book was mainly set in the 14th century. I wasn't even a bit disappointed because I am a fan of historical fiction as I am of futuristic fiction - best of both worlds ;)

The premise for the story is entertaining and fun but I did find the main characters not very like-able, at the start. I was almost glad when they were taken back to 14th century Verona because that was a chance for the three to mature - sure enough, they do. I loved seeing them having to adapt to life of the time because I thought its what they deserve. I know that they are not evil people and its more immaturity then anything else but its like that one kid in every class who thinks that they are a comedic genius; the child that you wish wasn't there.

Mr. Lory Kaufman's writing style is not at all bad but at times it seems a little too 'infantile'; there is a strong theme of forbidden love and in some ways it is rather tragic but to couple that up with a narrator that could be 12? It just didn't go right with me. That said, the book is fun and I did find it quite humorous. I think what would benefit the series immensely is to find a genre; I'm not talking about suppressing any creativity I just thing clearing up a few rough edges and finding a target audience would help.

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