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Midnight Kiss by Robyn Carr
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Jan 01, 2012

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Read from December 20 to 23, 2011

I'm giving this one 3 stars just for Victoria Dahl's contribution.

"Midnight Confessions" by Robyn Carr

In quiet Virgin River, Drew and Sunny find themselves two of the few single, young folks at a New Year's Eve celebration. Drew is instantly drawn to Sunny, but she is still suffering from the pain and humiliation of being dumped at the alter a year ago to the day.

Ugh. This one was no fun. Mediocre writing, lame characters, blah blah blah. I wasn't moved by Drew at all, and I disliked Sunny. She lets him carry her on his back through the snow rather than breaking the heels off her expensive shoes so she can walk on her own? Negative points for both idiots. The story was also peppered with snippets of backstory on pretty much e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. else we meet. These unnecessary bite sized facts plunked down before us only detracted from Drew and Sunny's story.

"Midnight Surrender" by Jean Brashear

When nice guy Will Masterson meets Jordan Parrish, a man-eating lawyer with commitment and self esteem issues, he knows she's as far from his dream woman as she can get. Too bad his heart isn't listening to his head.

This one had a bit of heat and was better than "Confessions" but still no fine feat, in my opinion. The biggest problem was Jordan. Brashear put a lot of work into making her a prickly, cranky bitch, and not enough work into making her sympathetic or likable. Will was OK but didn't get my heart pumping. I'm definitely not looking for just "OK" in a hero. An unresolved subplot involving two supporting characters didn't really contribute and felt more like a bid for the reader to pick up Brashear's next book to see what happens.

"Midnight Assignment" by Victoria Dahl

Federal agents Elise Watson and Noah James have been thrown together again on a difficult work assignment - the takeover of a small failing bank over the New Year's Eve holiday. Elise and Noah have a history - a heated kiss shared two years ago, and a fierce but secret attraction on both of their parts, tangled by miscommunications and fears.

This was a great little piece of work by Dahl. Noah and Elise really felt alive. They were imperfect, but relatable and very likable. As a reader I was definitely invested in them. "Assignment" was well-paced, well-constructed, and just well-written. The ending really grabbed and held on, made the reader feel each plumet and swell of the characters' hearts, and brought the fierce satisfaction of the story's conclusion to life.


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