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The Juliet Spell by Douglas Rees
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Dec 24, 2011

it was amazing

This was an absolutely wonderful story! The Juliet Spell was not exactly what I was expecting but I wasn’t even disappointed. In fact, I was very much entertained with its concept of a hilarious and innocent love story.

Douglas Reese has crafted a fantastic tale that I could not let go. It was the way it was written that you would keep on reading until you ran out of pages. Well sometimes, you don’t want pages to run out if it’s that beautiful. I think it’s also because of those characters that you wouldn’t be able to resist. You would just love them.

Miranda wanted to be Juliet so bad. But she did not get the role so she had this so called spell of becoming Juliet casted. In turns out that she summoned Edmund Shakespeare, William’s younger brother, into the present time from Elizabethan England. Edmund was hilarious. Well he is very innocent. And Miranda was always there beside him. Even when Edmund was being fascinated by everything and everyone around him and kind of also annoying, Miranda doesn’t abandon him. For some reason of course since she’s crushing on him. I really think that they’re both cute. Edmund is so charming and you’ll fall for him. Because I mean who wouldn’t?

It was lovely really. I sometimes wonder how awesome it would be to actually travel in time. When I was reading this book, I was so hyped up that I felt like I’m an adventurer as well. And I guess I am one of those silly readers who couldn’t help in smiling while reading this book. I’m not exactly the conscious type of how I look while I read but sometimes I just couldn’t help but feel ridiculous that a book could get me into beaming so much. It was just funny. I really like the exceptional humour of this book. It was so innocent and I just love it.

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