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A Companion to Wolves by Sarah Monette
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Dec 24, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: animals, bisexual, fantasy, mf, mm, novel, war
Read in December, 2011

There were quite a few things about this story that I didn't agree with and didn't enjoy. So let me start with the good points first.

I thought it was a very original storyline and the world seemed to be lush and had depth. There seemed to be great thought put into the world building which is very important when it comes to fantasy stories. The way of life for the people in different parts of the land was also intrigueing and different. I also loved the wolves and the way they weren't turned into "people" but instead retained their animal-ness while still having great personalities.

The main areas I didn't enjoy were the characters' and their relationships (if you could call them that). The men, whether they were gay or not, were forced into the role of being 'women' because of the wolf that chose them. There was very little emotion expressed and the main character was very flat. He slept with men and woman and claimed he put up with everything repeating the reframe "she's worth it" referring to being bonded to his female wolf.

I would have to say that its a realistic portrayal of what men's lives would be like if they were chosen by these wolves, but I would've preferred more personal choice and less of the mirroring of how these men are getting a taste of what its like to be women and traded off to other men because of their position in life.

I think its one of those stories that you're either going to like or dislike. If you want an interesting but confusing read, this might be one to try.

In the end, I didn't like it because of the whole lack of relationships and the main character's attitude regarding everything having to do with his position in the wolfhall.

One other detail I found very hard, the confusing use of vocabulary. I don't mind using different or new vocabulary in a fantasy story - it can be another method of creating another world - but when there's so much and no explanation what everything means it can get very confusing to read and at times I didn't understand who was who etc.

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