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The Midnight Palace by Carlos Ruiz Zafón
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Dec 24, 11

bookshelves: suspense-horro
Read from December 20 to 21, 2011 — I own a copy

what really caught my eye was the intriguing cover... seeing as though the cover looked mysterious, and I'm a fan of mystery, I grabbed the copy and started reading the summary at the back...

I didn't think that the story would be set in India or would contain paranormal spoofs.... I thought it would be something like Sidney Sheldon or perhaps Sherlock Holmes types... but nonetheless, I was not disappointed...

there were chapters (or were they preludes?)(specifically the beginning, some parts after a chapter, and the ending) wherein someone was speaking in the first person mode... which later is understood to be Ian - a member of the Chowbar Society who wishes to be a doctor & a good friend of the twins). It is shown that he is re-telling the story and that he is privileged to be the one to share it.

The chowbar society was founded by 7 children in St. Patrick's orphanage, 6 boys and one girl - wherein they all vowed to share their secrets and help one another at all costs since they have no one else... the group was later joined in by Shere the day it was about to be disbanded since the member turned 16 and they all had to leave the orphanage... It was also later revealed that Shere and Ben (the group's leader) were twins by their grandmother Aryami Bose who separated both to save their lives.

the children all joined together to find out who really is and why Jawahal - the twins' killer - wants the twins dead and would stop at no cause even after 16 years.

The story was not bad, though there were points were I got not so interested like the twins being separated at birth thing but other than that, it was okay...

The ending was pretty dramatic.... the twins had to be separated again and to think that they've only been together for less than a month!! the group also disbanded after Ian left for London, each went their own ways... in the end, it was also revealed that Ben disappeared without a trace and that Ian had received a package containing Ben's necklace....

so over-all: the story was intriguingly dramatic and could send readers to the brink of feeling upset for the twins' fate.... truly heart-touching...

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