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Songmaster by Orson Scott Card
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Dec 20, 2011

it was ok
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Recommended for: Pedophiles

Every time I see an Orson Scott Card book, I think, "Hey, why haven't I read that yet?" There are in fact dozens of his books that I have not delved into, and today I was reminded why I'd lost my enthusiasm for this talented writer.
Songmaster, is one of his earliest novels and I found it disturbing on so many levels. Oh, it starts out benign enough, with life in the song house as Anssett learns to sing. As soon as we get into this story, however, it's over and Scott has begun another plot which at first seems related, and then takes a wild turn into left field. After that plot is more or less resolved, he writes a third story using many of the same characters he used in the first two thirds of the book, but with absolutely no recognizable connection to the first two stories.
If this were the only problem I'd had with this book, I would've given it four stars. Although episodic and graphically violent in places (Scott needs to figure out if he's writing a romance, a coming of age, murder mystery, or a horror novel and stick with it) I found the characters deep and interesting and the scenes dramatic (some a little over the top) and full of emotion.
I could have over looked all that if it hadn't been for....
(some may consider this a spoiler, but I would've wanted to know this before I picked it up).

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message 1: by Jaidab (new)

Jaidab Amen

Spider the Doof Warrior But the gay fellow had all of his genitals cut off and ends up killing himself. I'm sure that should satisfy you?

Hamster Why would that satisfy me? Many of my friends are gay. What would satisfy me is if Card would find a genre and stick with it.

Spider the Doof Warrior His genre is mostly nag and lecture everyone about being heterosexual and getting married heterosexually.

It seemed like him having a gay character made you cross. Now what made me cross is the dude is gay, but goes after a kid when most gay dudes want GAY DUDES. Not kids and then they cut the poor guy's genitals off which is so mean.

Spider the Doof Warrior Also he had to marry a woman too!

Hamster I agree. The whole thing was completely unnecessary.

Spider the Doof Warrior It bugged me. So i took his stars. But it's worse how in one of the stupid bean books some dude is all like the meaning of life is to get married and have babies so I will get married and have babies even if I'm gay. Which is a BAD IDEA and a recipe for disaster but, no. It's all about the heterosexual marriage and babies general.

Which is not to say that I am against heterosexual marriage and babies, but books that preach and lecture instead of just telling a good story.

Hamster Amen

message 9: by Heather (new)

Heather Brinkerhoff Burdsal This has also been my pattern with Card. Every time I try to step outside the world of Ender's Game with this author, I am assaulted with vague story lines and sex-centric plots (more than one dealing with child sex). This dude has a problem. He might be a closet pedo. In any case, I just gave up on all things Orson Scott Card (other than Ender). I have been burned too many times.

Hamster Pathfinder is pretty clean. I'll let you know if I come across any more of his books that don't include his "guilty pleasures." (Ick.)

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