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I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore
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Dec 20, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: young-adult
Read from December 20, 2011 to January 06, 2012

I am torn about how much I like this book. There is plenty to love about this book while at the same time there are a few things that I wish were improved upon or done differently. So I guess I will start from the beginning... John Smith is a believable character from another world, literally. While an 'alien' on Earth, he is everything that is human and a teen - emotions and all. Having left his home planet at a very young age, John Smith never got to know his parents. This aspect of the novel is actually an asset as John's relationship with Henri was one of my favorite parts. I fell in love with the trust and understanding they have for each other. As John's legacies (special powers) start to form he also starts to have visions of Lorien - he sees the attack of their enemies (the Mogadorians) and how he left along with 8 others. This was another aspect I absolutely loved. His visions gave him much more depth as a character, as he gains a better understanding about where he came from, what Henri and his people gave up, and so much more.

While trying to keep his presence in a new town hidden, hiding from the Mogadorians, who are looking to kill him, he meets a rather interesting bunch of characters. Sam Goode is loyal to the end, as is a rather odd dog named Bernie Kosar (who was adorable!). And of course he meets a girl who he instantly falls for: Sarah Hart. I personally did not like Sarah's character. I found her rather an empty shell. This is one aspect of the novel I wish was done differently. I am all for a love interest but you are given a first impression of Sarah as a strong and independent girl - during her reign as a cheerleader she fell into a few bad habits, noticing this she decided to change her ways to better herself. In the beginning she was a rather strong character but as time goes on she came across almost as a 'ditz' without much to say or share with John Smith.

I loved the plot line and concept - while simple it was executed very well. One thing I felt was lacking the most was John's connection to Lorien. While his visions of his past gave John depth and layers, I found myself wanting to know more and more about Lorien and even Henri's life there. I couldn't get enough about Lorien and Henri. Overall, however, this was a great novel to listen to and I can't wait to read the next installment.

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