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Putting Makeup on Dead People by Jen Violi
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** spoiler alert ** I don't know. Having worked in a funeral home may have ruined this one for me. Clearly the author thinks the idea of being a mortician is hugely metaphorical, a life vocation, the way the character can deal with her grief, etc. etc. Well, sure. But it can also just be a job.
Other than this - the character was consistent, plot of family dynamics & relationship trajectory unsurprising but not frustratingly so, achieved expected amounts of growth. The new and unusual thing about this book is just the funeral home angle; nothing else was particularly fresh for me - your average coming-of-age, dealing-with-angst YA. Minus bullying, thank heavens!
Did appreciate character's actions re: sex - has it on her own terms when she is ready and it is positive, normal behaviour.

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message 1: by Vanessa (last edited Dec 22, 2011 09:34PM) (new)

Vanessa lol Laura, I totally saw this book on the shelf last week and paused, flipped my head upside down to try and figure out why the picture was reversed -cuz I was kinda creeped out by the lips- I didn't read the title until I stood up straight again and then kinda understood.. aha

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