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Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
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Dec 21, 11

really liked it
bookshelves: book-series, dystopia
Read from December 20 to 21, 2011

The hardest thing about writing an amazing series is knowing how to end it.

This book is all about the fighting - Rebels vs the Capitol. Katniss' role as the mockingjay and the face of the rebellion becomes more important than ever, but Katniss finds herself not being able to play her role because of the images she sees of Peeta who is in the Capitol's hands. With every broadcast of the mockingjay, the Capitol fires their own broadcast highlighting Peeta's both mental and physical deterioration. The decision is made to send in a team of rebels to free Peeta and the other surviving victors who were captured by the Capitol and were being tortured for information.

When Peeta is safely home it is clear to everyone just how changed he is because as soon as he sees Katniss he attempts to strangle her. The Capitol has driven Peeta mad and his love for Katniss has been turned into murderous hate. [This occurrence is pretty much the same fate as Rushmore in the Obernewtyn Chronicles]. Katniss, knowing that Peeta is safe and wants to kill her, finally decides to leave him and fight in the rebellion. My favourite part of this book was the comedic relief provided by Johanna, who is a tragic character. The Capitol has killed everyone that she loves, and tortured her to the point where she is unable to be around water, but is still able to fire off humourously sardonic lines when she enters into any conversation.

At this point the book becomes much more about fighting tactics and political agendas which slowed the plot of the book down.

The ending that Collins wrote is not a fairytale. Katniss is a broken woman who is highly suicidal and depressed when she returns to District 12 with no one she loves around her. Peeta is somehow rebuilt and has returned to a nearly mirror image of the pre-tortured Peeta. Gale moves to District 2 because after his bomb may have killed Prim, Katniss and he could never be friends or anything more as that question would always remain. Katniss and Peeta do end up together and have children. But this is not a happy ending as it was not wrapped in butterflies and rainbows, Katniss simply acknowledges that she needed Peeta to survive. The End.

I found this ending to leave me at a low as well but I think it reflects Katniss' journey. She could never have a happy ending after all she has endured and the amount of people who have used her for their own purposes. I am simply happy she was able to find some peace at the end of a highly traumatic 2 years.

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