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Forever Freed by Laura Kaye
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Dec 19, 11

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Read in August, 2011

Lucian Demarco is a vampire who has been punishing himself for years because he was unable to save his wife and daughter from being murdered by the vampire who turned him. He tries to maintain some semblance of goodness by only taking the blood of criminals and other undesirables. However, his gift of empathy makes him vulnerable to feeling their evil emotions as he consumes their blood. He has gotten so depressed from everything he’s been through that he’s more or less going through the motions of living. Then one day, he on his way to the hospital to get blood from a friend in the blood bank, Lucian feels some emotions that break through his depression because the feelings are good and light. He realizes they are coming from a little girl who, to his surprise, speaks to him and shows no fear of him. She disappears while he’s contemplating the unusual event. Her attention makes him begin to feel alive again and to crave her attention again. However, the chance meeting also brings the memories of his lost daughter to the surface, and he leaves without getting the blood he so desperately needs because it will allow him to feed without taking in the emotions of his victim.

On his second attempt to get the blood from the hospital, he runs into a woman on the way out whose intensity of good feelings blows him away. He thinks how wonderful it would be to take her blood while taking in all her feelings of joy and contentment. He decides that he must have her blood. However, fate would have it that Lucian is never able to get her alone, and so he begins to get to know her. He finds that Samantha “Sam” Sutton leaves him wanting more than just her blood. He is in for another surprise when he finds out that the sweet little girl he saw before was her daughter, Olivia “Ollie”. Lucian doesn’t completely trust himself with ‘his girls’, so he doses them regularly with holy water without their knowledge in order to protect them in case he loses control. In time, Lucian comes alive again with Sam and Ollie in his life. He feels guilty about not telling them what he is, but is afraid of losing them if they find out. Unfortunately, he ends up having them find out in a most terrible and life-threatening way. Will the love Sam feels for Lucian allow her to overcome her fear of what he is? Will Lucian be able to keep his new family or will he wander alone once more?

I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed reading this story. It is the first story that I reviewed for the Paranormal Romance Guild (PRG) to earn a 5 Star rating from me. I simply couldn’t find fault with anything. The writing flows seamlessly, the editing is great, and the story is engaging to the point that I was unable to put it down once I got started. The way the author brings Lucian’s emotions back to life through his love for Sam and Ollie is so moving. I especially love the fatherly interactions between Lucian and Ollie. I also love the development of the relationship between Sam and Lucian. Both their emotional and physical relationships develop at a pace that is surprisingly and refreshingly realistic. This book is a great stand alone novel. However, I could definitely see the author being able to create a paranormal romance series in this universe. In fact, I hope she does because her writing is great, and there are some side characters that I would love to see find their matches. I highly recommend this story to anyone who believes in second chances at love and who likes paranormal romance.

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