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The Pledge by Kimberly Derting
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Dec 19, 11

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Read in December, 2011

I had high hopes for this book. I love fantasy books and the description sounded really good. (oh and the cover is so pretty...) And then I started reading. All this book did for me was reinforce the basic check list for most dystopian books.

I had many problems with this book. It was pretty inconsistent and it seemed as if Kimberly Derting tried her best to incorporate every point on the check list, but all that did was cluster around the book, floating without any use.

I. Max -- I mean, his character has it all. He's HOT, he's mysterious, and he seems to be really into our protagonist. But where did it come from? He literally dropped into the book and started liking her. I get it, he had his suspicions and saw how "special she was", he's the first person to acknowledge her beauty, and so on, but there really wasn't any build up. It happened so randomly, I was waiting for a reason for them NOT to be together. For a second I thought they may be siblings, but only Cassandra Clare can do that so effectively. Honestly, his love blind sighted me, so I have no idea why it didn't creep her out a little bit. I mean, come on! She goes around saying she doesn't like the attention like Brook, but isn't she being a little hypocritical for not being a little more defensive?

II. Aron -- I really liked him at first. He's clearly the "second guy" in this epic love-triangle, but he was so insignificant in this book, I felt bad for a fictional character. They mentioned his over protectiveness and then it was done with. I don't know. I guess more will happen with him later on in the series, but for an introduction book, it wasn't that great.

III. The "hangings" -- this was mentioned to back up the accusations of a corrupt government. But seriously, in a book, you can't just mention it. It doesn't do us any good! You have to do something more than mentioning hangings and why you get hanged, and so on. I just didn't like this. Its like she threw it in there for an added effect.

IV. Sydney -- her change from bitch to bff was random. But I guess this, among other things, will be elaborated in the next books.

Overall, it was an okay book. It's basically on the pile of books that may get better as the series progresses. If you like predictable plots, random romantic encounters, and monarchistic governments, you'll like this book! To me, a good book doesn't just tell you that the government is corrupt, it shows you, it terrorizes you, you feel like Stephen Harper is doing a great job after reading it. All I got from this book was this:

The queen is crazy. There are rebels trying to take her down. People are distinguished by rank not class. You'll die if you go against it.


Basically, she focused too much on the romance.

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Clarisse (Clarity) "To me, a good book doesn't just tell you that the government is corrupt, it shows you, it terrorizes you, you feel like Stephen Harper is doing a great job after reading it."

I LOLED. Thanks for the laugh, you made my day. You put everything I tried saying in my review better than me. Great review. Agree 100%.

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